Concept Design & Ideas Generation

Gilo Industries Applied Technology

Connecting Resources to Drive Innovation

Gilo Industries Applied Technology is an advanced design & analysis engineering consultancy offering Product Design, Concept Development, Engineering, Prototyping and Production Management services. Leveraging our deep-set culture of applied innovation, Gilo Industries Applied Technology helps organisations identify new opportunities and embrace the value of creating new technology. Our unique dynamic approach, market insight, solid engineering heritage, and network of industry partners will help you achieve the competitive edge amid marketplace disruption and to effectively translate emerging technology into proof of concept prototypes and commercial products... LEARN MORE >

  1. Feasibility

    Gilo Industries Applied Technology offers unprecedented feasibility and economic insight across a wide variety of markets and innovation sectors, combining our commercial perspective with our design and engineering expertise and experience. Our extensive studies ensure you have all the information needed to make the right decisions... LEARN MORE >

  2. Concept

    Gilo Industries Applied Technology can help develop and refine your ideas, aiding progression from your initial brief, through to accomplished concept generation and execution. Our dedicated team of highly-skilled design engineers can support your product development process by ensuring your ideas are balanced in form, function and manufacturability... LEARN MORE >

  3. Engineering

    Our CAD designers undertake a range of engineering activities to help your product take shape, whilst ensuring a reliable and cost effective solution for volume manufacture. We can reverse engineer existing components, build new complex assemblies and create technical drawings to support tool production and manufacturing requirements... LEARN MORE >

  4. Prototype
    & Testing

    Being able to obtain physical prototypes quickly to validate both form and function can help get your ideas to market faster than your competition. We offer comprehensive end-to-end prototyping and testing from concept models to rapid prototyping to help you reduce risk, allow new concept research and reduce manufacturing and production timescales... LEARN MORE >

  5. Production

    Gilo Industries Applied Technology have vast experience in design for manufacture and production engineering, capable of moving your prototype into volume production while designing essential features into components and assemblies to ensure your ideas can be manufactured efficiently, consistently and to high quality standards... LEARN MORE >

  6. Project

    Project management of your product design and development process is crucial to achieving your market objectives and a competitive advantage. Gilo Industries Applied Technology can provide project management services for the entire design process or for portions of the project, from concept development through to production start-up.