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Concept Development

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  • Concept Generation
  • Design Specification
  • 2D Concept Visualisation
  • 3D Digital Visualisation
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design Evaluation

We ask fundamental design questions to build up a clear specification outline of what the new product design must achieve, and the design challenges that may be faced, before putting pen to paper on suggesting ideas. Thoroughly evaluating your criteria, our design team begin to visualise your initial concepts in a variety of sketches and digital media to enable rapid iteration and evaluation of early ideas on criteria such as form, function and manufacturability. Throughout this process we actively encourage you to work closely with our team so that we can rapidly focus on key areas for more detailed development.


Once we have agreed on a concept, our team will then develop and refine your ideas, progressing the initial sketches through to a more succinct design using a range of high fidelity rendering of the external form, and digital 3D CAD proof of principle models. The high quality renderings will show, for the first time, how the product will appear and the team can advise on aesthetic elements, mechanical principles, materials and potential manufacturing techniques. These renderings are often used in business plans and presentations to help instil confidence that the best possible design can be achieved to meet management and investor expectations.