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Feasability & Market Research

We Offer You...

  • Market Sector Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • End-User Analysis
  • Manufacture Analysis
  • Costs Analysis
  • Technology Scouting
  • Product Evaluation
  • IP & Patent Searches
  • Project Strategy

Gilo Industries Applied Technology is adept at identifying clear paths to innovations that are compelling and differentiated. To do so, we conduct a strategic assessment of your current competitive landscape and actively seek expert input into specialist market areas. Our team use advanced innovation tools and methodologies to uncover new opportunities from consumer and stakeholder insights, emerging technologies, and ahead of market trends. This enables you to identify which strengths to build on, what barriers to address and overcome, and where opportunity exists to extend and grow your product offering.


Our end user analysis uncovers the behaviours, needs, and motivators. Knowing what your customer’s value keeps you from wasting time, money and effort designing the wrong product or solution. Additionally, asking your customers directly what they value in a product keeps you from making erroneous assumptions in the design process. By discovering what customers are willing to pay for a product, in contrast with the cost of development and manufacture, we are able to help determine the optimal price point to maximise profit, revenue or market share.